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Before Our Enrollment Process

Please be sure to have all of the following sent via fax or with you at time and date for enrollment meeting.

Complete all paperwork within the Application packet

Child Physical and Shot Records, on the form provided in the packet. Infants must have Physicals and shots update within 3 months of enrollment. A one year old must have physicals and shots updated within 6 months of enrollment. Two year old and older Physical must be within a year of the enrollment date.

Getting to Know you Meeting with the director to review application packet and get to know your child, prior to enrollment.


How do I register my child?

Call the center and make an appointment for a getting to know you meeting. At that time, parents must complete or have completed:

An Application Form

An Agreement Form

An Emergency Contact Information Sheet

A Child’s Health Assessment must be on file by the first date of attendance

The center must be able to reach at least one parent or designated emergency

person at all times.

The child will be released to the following persons only:

The name on the sign-up sheet

Names on the registration form

A person who has been designated by the parent in a phone call to the director.

Any person who is unknown to the staff must have a government issued picture identification.

NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 will be permitted to pick up a child at any time and only with a government issued ID

What time does the center open and close?

The center opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. Upon arrival the parent/guardian must sign the Parent/Child sign-in and out sheet with the full name of the person picking up or dropping off. Failure to do this will require a staff member to estimate the departure time. Not only is it important that you sign-in and out for monetary purposes, but it is a safety measure for the kids.

Keep in mind: If the school district of Philadelphia cancels classes due to inclement weather, the center will be closed. If the school district of Philadelphia announces a late opening or early closing  schedule, the child center will open following the same schedule.

Is there designated parking?

ENLA has designated parking spaces between the car garage and the center. The parking lot to the left is the parking lot for child care drop off/pick up. Please exercise caution in walking to and from the parking lot. Do not allow your children to enter or exit the Center alone. Please escort your child into the classroom and be certain that a staff person accepts them into care.

What is the staff-Child Ratio for this center?

Age Levels



Infant 1 4
Young Toddler 1 5
Older Toddler 1 6
Preschool 1 10
Young School-Age 1 12
Older School-Age 1 15

Age levels are defined as:

  • Infant – A child 6 months to 1 year of age
  • Young Toddler- A child from 1 to 2 years of age
  • Older Toddler- A child from 2 to 3 years of age
  • Preschool- A child from 3 years of age to the date the child enters kindergarten in a public or private school system
  • Young School-Age- A child who attends kindergarten to the date the child enters the 4th grade of a public or private school system
  • Older School-Age- A child who attends 4th grade of a public or private school system through 15 years of age

What about lunches?

  • All meals are cooked on site. All meal components are offered to all children.
  • If your child has any food allergies they need to be discussed at the time of enrollment or onset and an allergy care plan will be created.

What will I need for my baby?

The following will serve as a checklist for you as you prepare for your baby’s day with us:

  • A general schedule that would describe your child’s day. It would include information as to when they would nap, general feeding and bottle routine and any particular items that would enhance their day e.g. if they like to be rocked to sleep or prefer laying down awake.
  • Bring in two crib sheets.
  • Sheets that have been used are required to be taken home weekly to be laundered.
  • Bottles and food must be in an insulated lunch bag with ice packs.
  • Include a daily note with specific feeding instructions (this includes bottles and food). Food should be packed in serving size portions. Uneaten baby food that has been opened must be discarded. Do not send in opened baby food jars. They cannot be served.
  • Formula, milk or juice must be discarded after a child has finished drinking from the sip cup or bottle, and we’re not permitted to reuse these items. Please make sure they have enough individual bottles for the day and check on sippy cup information when your child begins to use one.
  • Styrofoam is not permitted.
  • Please bring in a container of face wipes that can be left in their cubby.
  • Label everything such as bottles, spoons, bibs, food jars, blankets, crib sheets, clothes, and socks, diaper cream, wipeboxes, extra bags of diapers, pacifiers, and toys if you bring them.
  • Please include signed and dated written instructions (medication log) for diaper creams.

Does the child center staff administer medication?

Yes we do. Medication that is medically necessary will be kept in the office or a locked box. Medication must be in its original packaging and label at all times.  Medication should not be left in lunch boxes or cubbies. Medication should not be mixed in food, bottles or drinks. Any medication needs must be reviewed by and approved by the center director.

What about strollers?

Any Infants are the only age group that are permitted to leave strollers. Strollers must be folded and kept in the designated stroller area.

Will my child be able to nap?

Yes, as long as your child is in attendance for five or more hours a day, children under age 5 will have a rest period. Rest time is approximately 1 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The preschool children will be give the opportunity to nap when needed, otherwise, quiet mat activities and will be presented. All children must be on their cots. All children may nap and should bring a small blanket from home that is clearly marked with their name. It can be left at the center, but will be sent home every Friday to be laundered.

If my child does not nap, what will he or she do during the rest time?


Is there a dress code?

Yes, a maroon collared shirt with ENLA logo, khaki color pants, and sneakers are required during the school year for toddlers and preschool age children. There is no uniforms required for infants or school age.  However, clothing should be the type that can be managed easily by young, inexperienced fingers. Weather permitting, the children will go out to the playground daily. Please dress them appropriately (i.e. boots, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.). Also, please mark all clothing with the child’s first and last name. It’s important the child wears clothing that launders easily due to these activities. Barrettes and other small hair accessories present a choking hazard to the children, therefore are not permitted.

Can my child bring toys from home?

We ask that no playthings be brought to the center from home. Because of the number of children, we cannot be responsible for any item that is misplaced or broken. If the child has a security toy, please notify the director upon enrollment or onset, and please mark it clearly with the child’s full name.

What are the discipline procedures at the center?

The children will be encouraged to discuss their feelings of anger with the teacher and/or peers. Absolutely no physical form of punishment is allowed. “Re-direction”, “Take Some Time for Yourself”, or “Cooling Down” method of behavior management is used. Positive role modeling and encouragement of appropriate behavior is used.

Does the center celebrate birthdays?

We will be happy to celebrate your child’s birthday at the center. If you wish to bring a simple treat (cookies, cupcakes, etc.) for the occasion, please make arrangements ahead of time with the staff for the specific day.

Are parent volunteers welcomed?

Yes. Please make arrangements in advance. Any help with the following items would be greatly appreciated: Kleenex, paper towels and plastic bags (for soiled clothes). Thank you.